Because the butterflies are dying out

From Ernst Junger’s Aladdin’s Problem:

Kornfeld was a renowned sculptor, but he no longer practiced.  He said: “We sculptors are like the butterfly collectors who hang up their nets because the butterflies are dying out.  For us, it is heads that are growing rare …”

He added: “For me, a tyranny would be advantageous, though naturally, I can’t say that out loud.”

“But Herr Kornfeld – our experiences would tend to confirm the opposite.”

“My dear Baroh, you are confusing tyrants and demagogues – that is a common error in our time.  The demagogue stirs one and the same dough; he is a pastry chef, at best a plasterer and painter.  The tyrant supplies individual shapes.  Down to his bodyguards.  Think of the Renaissance: tyrants ruled everywhere, from every small town up to the Vatican.  That was the great era for sculptors, for art in general.”

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