and downe sate Sisyphus uppon his rolling stone

Ovid’s Metamorphoses, on Orpheus’ performing in the underworld.  The translation is Arthur Golding’s.

Talia dicentem nervosque ad verba moventem
exsangues flebant animae: nec Tantalus undam
captavit refugam, stupuitque Ixionis orbis,
nec carpsere iecur volucres, urnisque vacarunt
Belides, inque tuo sedisti, Sisyphe, saxo (10.40-44)

As he this tale did tell,
And played on his instrument, the bloodlesse ghostes shed teares:
To tyre on Titius growing hart the greedy Grype forbeares:
The shunning water Tantalus endevereth not to drink:
And Danaus daughters ceast to fill theyr tubbes that have no brink.
Ixions wheele stood still: and downe sate Sisyphus uppon
His rolling stone.

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