Cocktail Hour 1 – The Last Word

This variant comes from Jim Meehan’s new Bartender Manual.  Somehow I continue to buy cocktail books without any longer caring to experiment past my settled favorites, of which this is one.

1 part Gin (.75oz, navy strength recommended)
1 part Luxardo Maraschino liqueur (.75oz)
1 part Green Chartreuse (.75oz)
1 part lime juice (.75oz)
Shake, strain, serve in a coupe.

I personally like less lime, less Luxardo, more gin, and more Chartreuse.  But I’ve never tried navy strength here so maybe the .75oz works.  I go:

1oz gin (Citadelle has somehow become my default)
.5oz Luxardo
1oz Green Chartreuse
.25oz lime juice

Goes well with Saki, Norman Douglas, and (early) Evelyn Waugh.

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