my secretary Fremin the dimwit

Stanza 47 of Francois Villon’s Testament, in Galway Kinnell’s translation.  I simply like the idea of calling – if only in my head – anyone who works for me Fremin the dimwit.  That said, I do wonder if estourdys here is not in the sense of drunk rather than scatter-brained.

This lecture was given them by one
who in her time was beautiful and good
well-spoken or not, for what it’s worth
I’ve had her words taken down
By my secretary Fremin the dimwit
Who’s as bright as I’ll ever be
If he gets it all wrong I’ll curse him
The master’s known by the clerk

Ceste leçon icy leur baille
La belle et bonne de jadis;
Bien dit ou mal, vaille que vaille,
Enregistrer j’ay faict ces ditz
Par mon clerc Fremin l’estourdys,
Aussi rassis que je pense estre…
S’il me desment, je le mauldys:
Selon le clerc est deu le maistre.

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