Reading books in bed he yells at the wind

From Red Pine’s translation In Such Hard Time: The Poetry of Wei Ying-wu:

On a Leave of Absence, I Receive Word from Lu Twenty-two, Who Claims He is Ill in Bed and Surprised Li Two Hasn’t Visited in Such a Long Time.  I Reply with a Poem and Poke Fun at Li Two

Why did this minor official exhaust himself running errands
medicine and naps won’t restore his talents
playing chess in the garden he complains about bird shit
reading books in bed he yells at the wind
an old friend inquires because he has the same illness
thinking of him this spring I lift up my cup
but I have to laugh at that vulgar Wang Jung
if I had a fly whisk I’d wave it from here

Per Red Pine’s commentary, the first four lines refer to Wei himself.

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