The Vandalic language

An epigram from the Latin Anthology, De conviviis barbariis, which gives one of the few attestations of the language the Vandals spoke:

Inter “eils” Goticum “scapia matzia ia drincan!”
non audet quisquam dignos edicere versus.
Calliope madido trepidat se iungere Baccho.
ne pedibus non stet ebria Musa suis.

Which is understandably much disputed in rendering but, according to a recent translation by Magnus Snaedel, goes basically as follows:

Amid the Gothic “Hail! Let’s get [something to] eat and drink”
nobody dares to put forth decent verses.
Calliope hurries to depart from tipsy Bacchus.
A drunken Muse may not stand on her feet.

I’ve seen another rendering where scapia (related to schaffen?) has a sexual sense that would seem to fit equally well.

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