Liquor power rankings

Last Saturday evening I found myself 1 scotch cocktail, 1 madeira, 1 calvados, and 1 gin deep – a situation for which the blues provided no applicable song – and felt compelled to compile my personal liquor power rankings.  My determining elements were simply 1)what do I always need on stock and 2)what do I, in self-managed settings, refuse to mix.  My labored results:

1 – Gin – My top is the duty-free exclusive Roku Select – which has more sakura and ends up a bit sweeter than the normal.  Sipsmith takes the honorable mention as winner of the traditionals.

2 – Pear brandy – Massenez or Trimbach, though the slightly softer Massenez probably edges out.  No pear taking up half the bottle.

3 – Calvados – I like Pere Magloire V.S.O.P or XO but I’ve yet to test most of the pricier options.  Chauffe-Coeur VSOP is what I was drinking the other night.

4 – Mezcal – I prefer the Mezcal Vago line’s yearly variable Ensamble en Barro releases.  But the variability makes this an internally contentious issue.

5 – Armagnac – Chateau du Busca.

I cheated by excluding Amari and Chartreuse.  Amari are too difficult to classify but my winners are Varnelli’s Dell’Erborista and Casoni’s Del Ciclista.  Chartreuse I love, keep several liters of, but have never learned to touch by itself.


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