Putting on the corslet

Reminds me of English ‘tie one on’ which I’ve learned in the last few minutes has a disputed origin.  I thought there was an even closer idiom – ‘lace one up’ – but either I’m inventing it or it’s in another language.

477 Schol. Ar. Ach. 1133a (p. 141 Wilson)

διὰ τὸ θερμαίνειν οὖν τὸ στῆθος


λέγουσι τὸ μεθύειν καὶ <ἀκρο>θώρακας τοὺς ἀκρομεθύσους ἐκάλουν. κέχρηται δὲ τῇ λέξει καὶ Ἀνακρέων. ἐστὶ δὲ Ἀττική.

cf. Sud. Θ 441 (ii 724 Adler), Zonar. 1068s.

477 Scholiast on Aristophanes, Acharnians

So since being drunk heats the breast they call it

putting on the corslet;

and they used to call the slightly drunk ‘top-corsleted’. Anacreon uses the expression, and it is Attic.

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