Day of deep students, most contentful night

From Hymnus in Noctem in George Chapman’s The Shadow of Night. This excerpt is from an old edition edited by Charles Algernon Swinburne (available here, poem beginning on page 89). There’s also a more recent Poems of George Chapman by Phyllis Bartlett.

And as when hosts of stars attend thy flight,
Day of deep students, most contentful night,
The morning (mounted on the Muses’ steed)
Ushers the sun from Vulcan’s golden bed,
And then from forth their sundry roofs of rest,
All sorts of men, to sorted tasks address’d,
Spread this inferior element, and yield
Labour his due : the soldier to the field,
Statesmen to council, judges to their pleas.
Merchants to commerce, mariners to seas :
All beasts, and birds, the groves and forests range,
To fill all corners of this round Exchange,
Till thou (dear Night, O goddess of most worth)
Lett’st thy sweet seas of golden humour forth ;
And eagle-like dost with thy starry wings
Beat in the fowls and beasts to Somnus lodgings
And haughty Day to the infernal deep,
Proclaiming silence, study, ease, and sleep.
All things before thy forces put in rout.
Retiring where the morning fired them out.

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