Piero Della Francesca’s Resurrection


On my mind today because I was reminded of a delightfully Plutarchean anecdote about this work’s continued existence – that an American pilot in WW2 had been dispatched with orders to bomb Sansepolcro but along the way the target name formed into a hazy memory of a professor’s lecture on a great art treasure located there.  Humanistic education saved the day and he dropped the bombs elsewhere.

My own anecdote – because all such things blend – a couple of years ago my now-wife and I were driving from Ravenna to Montepulciano with a planned stop in Sansepolcro for me to complete another portion of the Piero Della Francesca trail (we had been to Arezzo two years earlier).  We managed the first leg from Ravenna fine but on the second segment I grew too bold in navigation and opted to get off the SS3 around Trestina and cross the Apennines directly instead of following the highway the longer way around the northern rim of Lake Trasimene.  The resulting route is the squiggly section pictured below – done in light rain on mostly single lane roads and barely topping 20mph through most sections.  But at least there was a Montepulciano bakery apricot tart was waiting at the end.


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