And feed upon that Acorn spiritualy

From Thomas Traherne’s Centuries (1.26).  The text is from the 2vol edition edited by H.M. Margoliouth – who had the decency to preserve the original spellings and capitalizations.

The Services of Things and their Excellencies are Spiritual: being Objects not of the Ey, but of the Mind: And you more Spiritual by how much more you esteem them. Pigs eat Acorns, but neither consider the Sun that gav them Life, nor the Influences of the Heavens by which they were nourished, nor the very Root of the Tree from whence they came. This being the Work of Angels, Who in a Wide and Clear Light see even the Sea that gave them Moysture: And feed upon that Acorn spiritualy while they Know the Ends for which it was Created, and feast upon all these as upon a World of Joys within it: while to Ignorant Swine that eat the Shell, it is an Empty Husk of no Taste nor Delightfull Savor.

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